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Drive Shack is excited to launch our Bay reservation system. Come enjoy your time at Drive Shack in a safe and fun environment.

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From happy hours to weekend brunches, birthday parties to group outings these are the moments you want to make the most of. Because let's be honest, there's no worse feeling than heading out with the expectation of a good time with plans that just don't measure up.

That's why we make sure every moment is one to remember from the time you enter, to the time you leave, and every second in between.

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Corporate Parties
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And so much more!

Bring The Party, To The Party

For more information on booking an event with a group of 7+, please submit an inquiry to our events team.

Please note all event bookings must be made 3 business days prior.

Fewer than 7 guests in your party?

One thing we understand is that time is limited.

So we're ready to help you spend it well.