Golf and Games

Where fun meets a little friendly competition, where skill comes secondary to a good time, and golf games takes on a new form.

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Each one of our games offers an entirely different experience. We dare you to master them all.

All skillsets

Dive into the adrenaline-fueled world of Scrapyard, where your explosive adventure among soon-to-be-fiery cars begins!

Game On?

It’s time to play! Reserve a bay in advance online to avoid wait times, or we can get you booked when you walk in.

Up for a Challenge?

Try your luck on one of our real-life courses.

casa de campo golf course drive shack
Casa de Campo
concession golf course drive shack
The Concession
glen oaks golf course
Glen Oaks
olympic rio golf course
Olympic Rio
royal port rush golf course drive shack
Royal Portrush
sea island seaside golf course drive shack
Sea Island Seaside
trinity forest golf course drive shack
Trinity Forest
PGA National
St. Andrews Links Old Course
Muirfield Village
Bethesda golf course
Senoja Valley (Par 3)


Drive Shack’s ranges are equipped with radar-based TrackMan™ Range technology, which provides unparalleled precision ball tracking, in real time, for the venue’s 200-plus yard field.

Ball Flight Tracking

See how your swing casts the ball down field as our position-aware auto scoring tracks your game.

Launch Angle

Get insights into how your swing attacks the ball, tracking the angle of launch in real time.

Speed Tracking

Our speed tracking lets you see how fast you’re moving the ball through your drive.